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Manufactured homes have come a long way. Wait; let me backtrack a bit. Actually, mobile homes don’t exist anymore. Since 1976, they have been referred to as Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, or Prefab Homes.

These types of dwellings are constructed in factories and pieced together on a previously purchased plot of land. And they don’t look like small aluminum trailers. Some manufactured homes are nice enough to rival the traditional site-built homes we are all familiar with. Shown below are some of the nicest and most interesting manufactured homes out there.

Size: 218 to 1,932 square feet
Key features: Air-tight Passive House design with solar-optimized orientation and high-performance windows, 11 models to choose from, a variety of exterior finishes.

Size: 1,400
Amenities: Built-in sleeping lofts, bookshelves, desk, window seats, and breakfast nook, In-floor radiant heat, Solar PV array, Bamboo flooring, Bedroom balcony, Custom cabinetry, Wainscoting throughout, Cedar shingle siding, Tongue and groove ceilings

Size: 1,500 to 3,800
Amenities: Customizable façades, roof types, finishes, fixtures, lighting options; can integrate photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection, and heat pumps

Size: 633 to 3,600 feet
Amenities: Glass enclosed Breezespace, LED Lights, MERV 15 whole home air filtration, Greenguard-certified products, Spacious bathrooms, Zoned heating and cooling, Motion sense faucets, Elegant California Closet options

Size: 2,978 to 3,655
Amenities: expansive sliding glass walls, decks and patios, soaring ceilings, customizable finishes, fixtures, and appliances

Size: 592
Amenities: the same steel processing seen in the brand’s pricey trash cans; it’s “plug and play,” comes furnished with Vipp-designed furniture, lighting, tableware, towels, ceramics, shelves, lamp, soap dispenser, etc.

As you can see, Manufactured homes come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. If you do decide to purchase a manufactured home, be sure to also obtain affordable Manufactured Home Insurance to protect your property. Contact us now and receive a free, rapid Manufactured Home Insurance quote now!

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